Single Scoring Wheel + QuickSwap™ Housing



Break creative barriers and make more than ever before with Single Scoring Wheel. From flawlessly finished tags, cards, and gift boxes to jaw-dropping wearable art, 3D home decor, structures, and more, you’ll bring pro-level precision to every possible crease-and-fold project. Get crisp creases in one pass. Make perfect, effortless folds. Rejoice in that flawless finish. With up to 10X more pressure than the Scoring Stylus, the patented wheel design takes on basic materials with ease. For use with Cricut Maker machines only. Expand your collection of Cricut Maker tools with a variety of QuickSwap tips. Just swap out Single or Double Scoring Wheel with any other QuickSwap tip, including Engraving Tip, Debossing Tip, Perforation Blade, and Wavy Blade – with more on the way.


  • Pro-level precision to every possible crease-and-fold project
  • For Cricut Maker® only
  • 10X more pressure than the Scoring Stylus
  • Perfect, effortless folds

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